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 Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday)

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PostSubject: Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday)   Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday) I_icon_minitimeSun May 29, 2016 12:48 am

Team Members (comp used is different from the spreadsheet):

Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday) Untitl10

Result: 5/6 Bosses Used up full 3 hours.

Vale Guardian (2 pulls)

Pros: Decent phase time, could be better tho.
Cons: Saw a bit of teleporting, need to dodge those. Also had one too many downs. Have to work on seeker control or avoiding them.

Gorseval (1 pull)

Pros: Really good DPS, a touch more and we should be able to comfortably do a no updraft. Jaus did an amazing job on orb duty.
Cons: Nothing stands out, it was a really smooth run.

Sabetha (3 pulls)

Pros: Almost no missed canons, but the last firewall spawned in such a terrible position, the green bomb timed out before we got to throw then didn't get another until the next canon was ready, rip. I'm confident enough in the group's throws to try duo canon team next week.
Cons: Need to get those timebombs out quickly. There were a few times someone just sat on the group with those bombs. Stop standing in canon fire, too many people downed right in the canon fire.

Sloth (too many fucking pulls)

Pros: DPS was great.
Cons: On the second rotation around the room, you have to move Sloth out of that corner. In fact, don't even move him there, cross over when the slub starts clearing. In general he wasn't being moved quick enough. Please, please, please, be mindful of when you are the tank and get out of his hitbox. Also save your dodges for shakes after 50%. You only need one for the stomp attack and if you only have one dodge available dodge towards him after the spores fly out.

Trio / Camp (1 pull)

Pros: Good dps, smooth run.
Cons: Few people were moving around a bit unnecessarily when bosses were up and they bosses jumped a bit to follow them, but it didn't kill us.

Matthias (no kill)

Pros: We made it to Matthias.
Cons: Need to not stand on the group with poison, be aware of the next fountain (protip: it's being called out) before poison spawns just in case you get it. Stack in the center during storm phase, move as little as possible. I saw a few people strafing back and forth. Ignore your seaweed buff during that phase.

Overall thoughts: In general work on mitigating damage, knowing when to dodge and where to position yourself to take the least amount of dmg. Which is usually behind the boss. Aka his ass. Learn to eat booty well. Standing on the heart icon will save your life. We constantly had stragglers hanging around outside of the stack then going down, causing the stack to break to have to res them.

Here's a video guide to help:
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PostSubject: Re: Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday)   Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 04, 2016 10:34 pm

Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday) EKbGTnf

Results: Full Clear in 2 hours 10 minutes with leaders Tai/Beast featuring MrSmith/Shan as fillers

Vale Guardian (1 pull)

Pros: Good DPS, good mechanics
Cons: a little wonky at moments, one green circle missed

Gorseval (1 pull)

Pros: Good dps, good mechanics
Cons: None come to mind, was a clean run

Sabetha (4 pulls) Last Cannon

Pros: Got Last Cannon for Wabbit. Great DPS.
Cons: Sloppy Cannons on the first few runs. Multiple deaths including the Chrono.. Druid and Rev died complaining of internet issues. One run Jaus DC'd - normal for third world internet. Last run was good and clean overall.

Sloth (1 pull)

Pros: Good dps, good movement overall, nice stacking
Cons: Got sloppy at the end and had to call for a full burn with half the party dead

Trio (1 pull)

Pros: Good DPS on Zane and Narella - great cage health management, awesome mortar clearer
Cons: Sloppy Sniper clearing. A couple of people were focused on snipers during Berg's initial spawn so I had to call them back to Berg so dps was low.

Matthias (4 pulls)

Pros: Efficient rezzers, always went to the correct wells, good dps times
Cons: Poor reflects, multiple bomb drops in the center of the group, occasionally slow breaking even to the point where one sacrificed person died to it.

NOTES: Reflects have to get more reliable. Auramancer needs an icon to make it easier for whoever gets the Targeter to stand near them in case of a fail reflect by the Chrono or unfortunate circumstances such as death or reflect bugs. Auramancer needs to save shout and learn to utilize staff reflect in earth if need be. Chrono should be making more calls and not relying on the Auramancer to do the majority of them. More attentiveness needs to be paid to the Sacrificed target so as to not mistakenly call for rezzes during a break.

With great power comes great responsibility stuff that I abused my power to get.
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PostSubject: Re: Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday)   Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2016 12:24 am

Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday) Untitl10

Results: 5/6 - Ended early due to me getting too much lag to see what was happening in the fight.

Vale Guardian - 1 shot

Pros: Great DPS
Cons: We had a few downs, but nothing damning.

Gorseval - 1 shot

Pros: Good DPS
Cons: Orbs were a bit tight

Sabetha - 1 shot

Pros: Good DPS, very good recovery/back up after losing a canon runner halfway through the fight.
Cons: Lost two canon runners, almost hit enrage timer.

Sloth - 1 shot

Pros: Good DPS, Good shroom clearing
Cons: None come to mind

Trio - 1 shot

Pros: Great DPS, good add control
Cons: Narella was a bit sloppy.

- didn't finish

Pros: DPS was good
Cons: Lots of downs, people were too spread out, breaks should always take priority over rezing.

NOTES: Gonna do a make up Matthias run tomorrow (June 12th @ reset).
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PostSubject: Re: Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday)   Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday) I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2016 12:08 am

Just some review points for Matthias that I think you guys should read up individually or that leaders should cover with their members.

Overall Tips:

  • Your reflects are hit or miss. Backup reflectors should be any eles, any druids in your party. There are more options for this, but those are the two commonly brought to your fights. Eles can use their earth shout or Earth 3 in staff and stand in the hitbox to reflect. Druids can use axes and do the same. Additional walls can be placed precisely on his hitbox for the same effect. If you see your Chrono is distracted by corruption/poison bombs/being downed you should reflect right away

  • More focus needs to be paid by individual members to where the wells are on the mini map so that when they are called they can get their quicker. Substantial dps is lost when fucking around with the wells.

  • Players should be made aware that they only have 10 seconds to break, and all classes have time to burn through an entire break rotation during this time. Breaks should be much faster on average than they were when I last viewed the gorup.

  • Players should learn the Bulls-Eye mechanic and the Hadouken targeting mechanic. It seems some players in the group are ┬ánot aware of how these mechanics actually work. See below.

  • There is a Bulls-Eye icon placed on one squad member on the first "bubble" of the fight. Once the bubble pops up, Matthias will do a "Machine Gun" attack that will be targeted towards the player with the Bulls-Eye. This is the same attack that the Chrono uses Feedback on to reflect. If the targeted player is inside of the bubble when the reflect goes up, the reflect will be ineffective. The squad should be quick to identify the player with the marker and immediately that player should consider their positioning in regards to the rest of the party.

  • The player with the Bulls-Eye will also continue, for the rest of the fight (including abomination phase) to be the target of the Hadoukens. This is only discontinued if that player becomes permanently dead. The attacks will still be focused on this player even in their downed state, often resulting in the downed player who gets hit by them to become completely dead. Super dead. Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday) Gw2-matthias-hadoken-attack

  • So as a re-iteration, the squad leaders should consider, until the players are more used to the mechanic, marking the player with the Bulls-Eye with a squad marker so that others are able to position themselves according to that players positioning.

  • During the first phase (as opposed to the final phase) players should learn to recognize both his tell and pattern for the Hadouken. The tell is a pink/red glowy orb in his center mass while he spins his staff and winds up the Hadouken. By the time you see this tell you should generally have time to strafe out of it or dodge into him. Of course if you don't have the Bulls-Eye, you can simply camp his backside.

  • While other Hadoukens will occur, it should be noted that there will always be a Hadouken after the bubble breaks. It is nearly inexcusable (unless a player with the bulls-eye is in the line of sight of you while dropping a bomb) to get hit by Hadoukens right after a bubble is broken.

First Phase (100% down to 80%):

  • Your ice patch game varies pretty greatly. Revs need to work on learning to clear ice patches with their swiftness skill in glint and cancelling it near the ice patch.

Second Phase(80% down to 60%):

  • Kansas is your home. Stop taking tornadoes away from it Dorothy. Members need to pay closer attention to their positioning so as to not hit a tornado. The tornado aoe is also bigger than the orange circle under the tornado.

  • Poison bombs should be gotten out quicker and players should try hard to manage their HP during this phase so as to not accidentally have one dropped from becoming downed.

  • Players should avoid dodging while holding a bomb until after it's dropped so that they can easily dodge through the poison once they have it dropped. Theres not much reason to dodge during this phase except to avoid the tornados anyways.

Third Phase (60% to 40%):

  • Player should attempt to actually stand still and regroup in the center immediately upon a person coming back from the well or after their bombs explode.

A good policy during this phase is to:

  • Don't move at all unless absolutely necessary.
  • Camp the center of the room. The absolute dead center.
  • Once a player returns from the wells, or just after the bombs explode, players should immediately regain their position into the middle of the room to avoid the Storm Cloud.
  • Players should make note if they have the bomb on them or not. If you have the bomb, spread out just out of range of the center (unless the storm cloud is near you, then move out further).
  • If you do NOT have the bomb, you should camp the center and not move at all unless someone with the bomb is stuck there due to being downed or knocked down.

Fourth Phase (40%-0%):

  • Players should change their focus of how they identify Hadoukens. Keeping in mind that Hadoukens are always aimed at the same player, you will now instead look at Matthias' hands to identify his hadouken. When you see his hands form up in front of him you should avoid his frontal area or dodge after a moment. Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday) Gw2-matthias-hadoken-attack-2

  • Players should also become more self-aware of how to block the otherwise unavoidable damage of the bombs. EX: For thieves, Bandit's Defense. For warriors, your shield block. For Guardians, you can aegis it. For Reapers you can shroud through it and use your scepter 3 to keep enough shroud built up to keep shroud blocking the damage. With that in mind, try to avoid using shroud unless you need it as a health buffer to block an attack. Try to rely on the healer to regain your HP and drop shroud when the healer is in CA. Many classes have means and ways, people just need to read up on their skills.

  • Players should also focus on regaining their position as close to the healer after each bomb portion.

  • Players should try very hard to relax and watch the abomination's attacks closer and focus on the mechanics rather than letting themselves get out of control or lose focus. Calming yourself so you can see the fight more clearly is the key to solid mechanical execution.

With great power comes great responsibility stuff that I abused my power to get.
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PostSubject: Re: Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday)   Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday) I_icon_minitime

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Full Clear Team 4 (Saturday)
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